In my opinion everyone is clairvoyant:

It is a natural ability that has atrophied in a culture that insists there is no such thing or that “such things” are evil.

You can develop this ability by practising:

A good way is to get a group of friends and practice together.

Once I used to say “Guess” who is on the phone before you answer but this isn’t an option these days because both smart phones and landlines show caller ID

Have a friend tell you the “given name” of someone that you do not know and visualize what this person looks like:

Feel what their personality is like:

Their occupation etc.

When you are going somewhere that you have never visited before see what impression and or images that you get before you go.

To see auras have someone sit in front of a pale coloured wall: you will only see colours or even the etheric over this persons shoulders because clothes muffle the aura:

Most people see the etheric immediately it is a white two inch (5cms) band:

Everything flashes in a fraction of a second: clairvoyance; clairaudience and clairsension:


Another exercise that you can do by yourself :

Sit in front of a mirror in a darkened room with a lit candle behind you:


you may burn incense if you wish:


In the mirror your face blanks out and then changes:


I do not know what or why this is but you are welcome to observe if you are comfortable:

In the mirror “people” will build up behind your right or left shoulder (reflection of)


I don’t write many blogs about clairvoyance these days because of Amazon terms and conditions.

I am grateful that there is a way to publish without the tedious set up of a manuscript and then the publishing company editing the book so it no longer says what was originally written.

But at times like these when I am struggling just to buy food I resent the fact that I for the last couple of years I have received approximately four dollars for the whole year for two books (one a sci fi) that are both eBooks and paperbacks.

There were so many more stories I could have included in my nonfiction book but I considered it unethical to break client confidentiality.

The following were not readings but I still didn’t feel right including them in my book.

I have since realized that the people concerned would be quite happy to have me include this.

They are both local shop owners:  A rare breed these days as most of the small business are no longer able to afford to stay in business.

One day I was in one of the shops and I could” see” to shop owner’s mother who died early this century. I had never met her when she was alive but had seen and communicated with this fascinating lady when doing a reading for her granddaughter.

I initially didn’t say anything because I thought I look like I am showing off.

I walked out of the shop and was heading back to my car when the thought came into my head “You have to say something”!

So, I went back and said” Your Mum is here”

The proprietor gave me a hug and said “I have been calling her”!

On another occasion I was doing readings for a craft fair in another shop and when the shop owner walked passed me I saw him being handed an unusual looking trophy.

I said: “You are going to win a trophy”

He said “There is nothing I could win a trophy for”

Weeks later he said to me
“ I won a trophy” and when he showed me the trophy it was exactly like the trophy that I had “seen”.

Because of my anxiety disorder: chronic pain: sleep deprivation and old age I am not always comfortable doing readings for people.

Plus, I “open myself up” to “tune in” and connect with people that have passed over:

I have had the anxiety disorder since I was a child but I used to be good at pretending I was ok.

On the  few occasions that I have done readings I have met some kind and caring people who have helped me or given me a gift.


Blessed be

and be kind to non-human life forms




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