Another Depressing Blog from The Witch

I can stay happy as long as I keep my head in the sand 😛

I can handle 10 years of pain a sleep deprivation: and physical injuries that prevent my coping with basic stuff like changing a light globe.

What I cannot handle is seeing humans continue to make all other life forms extinct.

The human population is 7.7 billion:

We make up ninety nine percent of this planets population:

Once humans have made all other life extinct they will become extinct.

In 2012 I was sitting at the computer reading something about 2012 being the end of the world (and thinking what a load of crap).

The date on my computer came up as 2027 excepting the 2027 filled the screen!


Being human  I tend to attribute meanings to things:

There may not be any.

So I thought 2027 cannot be the end of the world maybe it is when I die.

I am starting to think maybe it is the end?

This picture of baby magpies were put onto the PC  at this time: Check the date!


I guess I am like some one standing on a soap box saying “The end is  nigh!”

Whereas in the seventies myself and others thought a few people could make a difference.

Now I know we cannot.

The population constantly increasing:

and our cultural norms are based on the premise that humans are the only species that matter:

Hence people do so much damage to other life forms every day just keeping “their” homes and gardens tidy.

not yours4

Humans are encouraged to breed and in this country they are financially rewarded for doing so.

When I wrote and published a sci fi short story in May 2017  the world population was 7.4 billion.

Toward the end of last year it was 7.7 billion.

Real estate development wipes out vegetation hence the  homes and food for other life forms.

Not to mention plants and trees are essential for oxygen and filtering the air.

We  are told to clear trees in case of fires:

Trees don’t light fires humans do.

We kill insect rodent and other creature we call pests.

We kill Corellas and other cockatoos because they are noisy or striping trees.

They’ll soon have no trees to strip. Hence extinct.

This has been commented on and satirized in books and movies for as long as I remember but the “powers that be “ make sure this is info is ridiculed or ignored:

as they can no longer have those concerned publicly executed.

I would die happy knowing humans had become extinct  before all other life became extinct.

But it wont happen that way.

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms


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