The Meaning Of Life

monty pythons meaning of life

We as humans tend to search for meaning.

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy implies that we are asking the wrong questions?

If we do not have a concept of something it doesn’t exist for us so we may be asking the wrong questions or there may not be a meaning?


I promised myself that I would write happy blogs—Didn’t last.

We humans make up 99% of the planets population. And we refuse to change!

i. e. implement zero population growth:

Respect non human life.

Books movies and television shows have satirised human stupidity in not caring for the planet.

I was initially surprised at the criticism and insults re the movie “Avatar”:

But then the multi nationals: (mining companies; pharmaceutical companies: real estate companies etc.) that control the world, want us to believe that other life forms such as cats and rats etc. are destroying the planet.

And that cultures that live in harmony with the environment are “primitive” and therefore  inferior.

We haven’t really changed much as a species:

Centuries past, people who questioned the status quo were publicly executed:

At least James Cameron only has to suffer abuse.

The TV series the Orville in an episode called– “Krill “—-  satirized  our cultural attitude to non human life.

Religions moulds a culture and even an atheist in our culture has the attitude satirized–

(The admiral of a colony that had barely survived a Krill attack explains”   The Krill’s religion puts them above all other life: When they attack they don’t see it as evil: It is their divine right.”

2nd in command of the Orville says:  “God created plants and animals solely for the use of man”)

not yours4

I would feel better knowing humans will be extinct before this century ends excepting that they will have made all other life forms extinct first!

Re meaning:

I have had a few theories not so much about the meaning of life but about our reality in general.

The first came from Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek  — We could all be living in an huge holodeck.

The other ideas just came from my imagination.

I looked at humans and thought we cannot be indigenous to the planet.

So  I theorised that we were genetically engineered.

The following is fiction and from my sci fi short story:


“Arawn was correct, of course.

Some did perceive him as the Antichrist:

The majority thought that it was a hoax!

Thoughts and words filtered up to him such as “I’ve killed numerous deer like you”

Those that believed him became hysterical.

Some accused him of genocide and rightly so.

But then humans don’t label it genocide when they cull other species.

What’s the difference?

Some did think him god!

Arawn answered!

“There is no such creature.

The concept was created by those in power. To control you.

This universe was/is a creative endeavour .

The closest analogy within your limited understanding is that I am the writer, producer and director  of a movie. I also  designed the set and choose the actors.

Or using an analogy from a sci fi television series: I am a technician creating an holodeck programme.

The Nirahns whom I  look like; did not give you reproductive organs.

They intended you to die out after a life span of a thousand years.

The original design of humans were seven to eight foot tall and you were vegetarian.


The old “gods” were different E. T. ‘s. With their own agenda.

They were from the constellation of Scorpius:

These beings enabled you to reproduce.

They were “growing” you as a food source.

Where do you think the idea of human sacrifices came from.?

And your vampire myths?   ” END QUOTE

I realize this bog even if someone reads it wont make any difference:

Humans don’t even show respect to one another so how can they respect non human species.

In the Flower power era I believed that a few people could make a difference.

From my flower power generation “Make love not war” — but don’t procreate 😛

flower power

Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms.






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