A Silent Scream



I look at my own blogs and think what a misery

and a pessimist!

I used to be an optimist.

I used to want to fit in and agree with the status quo.

But knowing that humans will cause all flora and fauna to become extinct before they themselves become extinct is horrifying.


And I realize that so many thinking people know this and have done long before I ever did:

What can we do?

The multinationals rule the world and of course the politicians.

Giraffes are now on the endangered species list as are koalas and numerous flora and fauna

This link is for Australian flora and fauna


and this one about population growth


Personally, my life is good but whereas in the seventies when I was involved in environmental groups, we thought a few people could make a difference:

I now realize we cannot:

I still do what I can in the microcosm.

Instead of spending a fortune on New Year fireworks, frightening ( and sometimes to death) flora and fauna we could use this money toward projects that would help the ecology.

But where is the profit in that 😛

tree friend


I wrote this sci fi short story to release my own frustrations about human stupidity and I tell myself that  it is sympathetic magic 😛




I have had positive feed back from people who have read my non fiction book:

This book doesn’t give any answers to the meaning of life:

Just more questions.


Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms


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