Early this morning there was a baby galah sitting on the road:

A quick glance in the rear vision mirror showed the car coming the other way drove around it:

Coming back I noticed it was gone: most of the locals do care about wild life:

Sadly, there was a bird completely squashed on another road ☹

When I was growing up the population of the whole of Australia was 9 million and the suburbs in South Australia were like country towns:

There was large gaps between each town.

I remember going to the UK in 1959 and wondering how they knew which town/city was which because there was no gap between them.   😛

Growing up I was aware of the trees and wildlife disappearing as the population increased.

What I missed the most was wanderer butterflies which were once plentiful.


I have lived in Goolwa for more than 20 years and have noticed once again the trees and wildlife disappearing as the human plague increases.

New Agers think we are here to learn?

All I have learned  is there are too many humans.

I though of having the following put on my headstone but realized the family would NOT approve!



Have a great day and be kind to non human life forms.




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