Keep It Real


This above all; to thine own self be true,


And it must follow, as night follows day,


Thou canst not then be false to any man,


Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 78–82


Being true to ones self is much more than just being honest.

This Shakespeare quote is how I try to live my life.


Our culture operates on the assumption that people are honest and truthful yet this often isn’t so.

On a “white lie” level; how often do people say what they think the other person wants to hear or lie to get attention & make themselves feel important.

Lying; cheating; stealing and scams are rampant.

Sadly we genuine clairvoyants  are often put in the same category.

The way to avoid being conned is to trust ones “gut”!

To quote or maybe paraphrase Dr. Deepak Chopra:” We should always trust our “gut”. Every cell in our bodies has neuropeptides which means every cell thinks. It is better to trust your “gut” because it hasn’t learned to doubt what it thinks.”

I feel so strongly about telling the truth as I believe it to be that even if I accidentally lie, I feel guilty.


With my clairvoyance I genuinely “see” and “hear “people  who are no longer in this reality.

If I cannot “read” for someone I will say so.

And to comments like “You should have known that.”

I am clairvoyant not omniscient .


Despite my clairvoyant awareness and experiences I do not claim to understand the nature of reality.

I have my theories but am also aware that these theories are limited by the cultural and personal concepts that I have.

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Blessed be

and be kind to non human life forms.



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