Since first writing this blog I have had good feedback on the email readings that I have done so far:

One person suggested I offer gift vouchers and I have. There is no limit to when they are used.

gift voucher 2

My book would make a good gift.


This morning while walking the dog I saw two baby magpies playing on the footpath: Made me smile: I also “prayed’ that they stay safe.

I always worry about the wild life with the human plague increasing and destroying everything.

I remember when the tree across from my house was needless chopped down and the magpie family whose home it had been just stood there looking at the stump.


This “girl” visits regularly: I didn’t take a picture of the baby magpies: I rarely take my phone when walking the dog.


Although I have edited this blog I still wanted to leave “Catweasel” in it 😀

Well “electrickery” contributes toward your reading this 😛





I was told a decade ago that I should charge $100 because I genuinely communicate with people that have “passed over”. But I do not feel comfortable charging a fortune:

My Dad was a Spiritualist and a clairvoyant and told me that I should not charge.

READINGS VIA EMAIL ARE ONLY $30 until Christmas 2018  😀

( $30 Australian – PayPal will convert for overseas invoices)

I am still able to see and communicate with people that have passed over on an email reading.

Just send a recent photo to

I will send you an invoice and then will do your reading.


My Dad always said that self-praise is no recommendation but I feel it is necessary to say that I am honest and genuine:

I will only tell you what I “get”

I get good feedback. People actually phone me to tell me things 😀

I have met some amazing and lovely people doing readings.

Ofcourse there are still the occasional nasty people.

Early this century when I was doing regular readings in local shop I read for one lady whose reading I was very pleased with : I had clear communication with some of her loved ones that had passed over. This lady said “Tell me about my husband!” I knew that she thought that he was having an affair but I wasn’t getting an “answer”. I could see him drinking so I told her this.                                                                                                               She started spewing abuse at me telling me that I was the worst clairvoyant she had ever seen and that they both drank too much. I found out later that they owned one of the local pubs  ( I had no idea who she was when I was doing the reading) And I wasn’t going to make up and answer.

If I don’t “get” anything I will say so.

lastest card

And for the Million of you who are buying my interesting book 😛  with pictures

— but no “sky clad” pictures 😛 😛 😛


Enjoy your day

And be kind to non human life forms

Blessed Be



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