Some Clairvoyant Experiences and Counting My Blessings

I love this quote from Kungfutz (Confucius)

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I have become more and more disillusioned with humans and more cynical about life in general in the last decade.

I trained witches knowing we really do create our own reality:

Lately I have thought  – “Do we?”

I understand why the disillusionment.

The environmental groups and animal rights groups that I used to belong to are just impotent bureaucracies and multinationals rule the world.

To fit into our culture one is required to be a mindless automaton: to be successful, a sociopath and a narcissist.

Not to mention, as I do ad nauseam, I had a life time of abuse: most of it from the person that gave birth to me and should have loved me.

I actually considered starting a Facebook page entitled “We Hate Mother’s Day” for all those in a similar situation.   😛

I decided not to because I have the best children and grandchildren so I don’t actually hate Mother’s Day.   😀

This selfie video was taken when my son flew down from North Queensland


I know many people who can identify with constantly criticizing one’s self because of child hood programming from one or both parents who did nothing but criticise.

I am willing to change! ( Thank you Louise Hay )

I am changing now.

I love my life:

I have my own home:  Not bad after buying out two husbands.

( Well I would own it if I hadn’t borrowed on the mortgage several times  😛     )

I have a supportive family and true friends.

I have native trees and birds.

I don’t just talk to my pets: I talk to the trees, plants and wildlife 😛

I do what I can in the microcosm to help non-human life forms:

I know many amazing and wonderful people that help animals and wild life and really do care.

There were so many more stories I could have included in my book but I considered it unethical to break client confidentiality.

The following were not readings but I still didn’t feel right including them in my book.

I have since realized that the people concerned would be quite happy to have me tell this.

They are both local shop owners:

A rare breed these days as most of the small business are no longer able to afford to stay in business.

One day I was in one of the shops and I could” see” the shop owner’s Mother who died early this century. I had never met her when she was alive but had seen and communicated with this fascinating lady when doing a reading for her granddaughter.

I initially didn’t say anything because I thought I would look like I was showing off.

I walked out of the shop and was heading back to my car when the thought came into my head “You have to say something”.

So I went back and said ”Your Mum is here”

The proprietor gave me a hug and said “I have been calling her!”

On another occasion I was doing readings at a craft fair in another shop.

When the shop owner walked passed me I “saw” him being handed an unusual looking trophy.

So I said; “You are going to win a trophy.”

He said “There is nothing I could win a trophy for!”

Weeks later he said to me “I won a trophy”.

When he showed me the trophy it was exactly like the trophy that I “saw”.

Regarding creating our own reality – I have manifested many things:

This house being one of them:

I actually saw it clairvoyantly before I found it.

Twenty years ago I was telling my neighbours where I lived in the suburbs that I was buying a house on the south coast for $60000  And they said you will never get a place that cheap in that area:

I did and like I said I would own it free hold if I hadn’t borrowed on the small mortgage several times.

I actually saved a dog – by “manifesting” — The story would be a blog by itself — but I mention it because it reminds me not to stop caring.

I am now manifesting a million sales of my non fiction book — joking!

On a serious note:


When manifesting do not tell anyone what you are doing as their thoughts will affect or even block the spell.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS BOOK   😀 I am not interested in converting anyone nor do I want attention or recognition (I am an introvert): Nor is it the money I get just over a dollar per book:  I just wanted to tell my story 😀 If you follow the link then click on “learn more” above my not so recent photo you may read a free sample.



Blessed be

Have a wonderful day

and be kind to non human life forms 😀



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