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In my nonfiction book I say how important honesty is to me – The following is embarrassing to be honest about —-

I told a friend who said that she didn’t want to read my book that she try to read a little. I’ve been on a guilt trip ever since for being so rude and pushy! This lady who is slim attractive and older than me   😛   finds genuine clairvoyance scary: something that I cannot identify with but (usually) respect.

I think it is learned behaviour: a cultural attitude.

Anyway, she gave me feed back saying she liked the personal history and could identify with some of the jobs that I have had. Operating  a telex for one:

So if you are not interested in clairvoyance and would like to know what it was like when the dinosaurs walked the earth — Nah  I am not quite that old!  — you can read my personal history 😛


PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS BOOK   😀 I am not interested in converting anyone nor do I want attention or recognition (I am an introvert): Nor is it the money I get just over a dollar per book:  I just wanted to tell my story 😀 If you follow the link then click on “learn more” above my not so recent photo you may read a free sample.

Have a great day and be kind to non human life forms.

Happy Face

p.s. I worry me sometime: I only just found out why I haven’t been paid for my books: I logged into “MY ACCOUNT” and immediately saw this: Yet I had looked before and not found the info   Amazon will only pay me if I earn over $100 USD in royalties a month (approx 140 AUD – I only get just over a dollar per book – cost is $8).

As I said money isn’t my motivation and it isn’t.

I cannot afford to advertise with Amazon so they do not promote my book.

Hoping that more than a hundred people will want to read my true story before Christmas.

It would make a great present.

p.p.s. Another clairvoyant messaged me that she had stopped doing readings after being wrong a couple of times but said my book restored her belief that clairvoyance is real and she has gone back to doing readings.

blessed be

















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