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I thought that some people may appreciate this reminder for themselves.

Having been involved with clairvoyance, healing and Wicca since 1978 I still forget to put some of this knowledge to use for myself:

Yesterday I was “Reiki -ing” my dog: His back-leg hurts (arthritis).

I also balanced his chakras and “bodies” (e.g. physical: emotional: mental: spiritual etc) He loves it – or maybe he just loves the attention 😀  I then thought I should do this for myself as I have a few health issues in my old age 😛 so I sat outside to use the energy of the trees and the sun.


I am not including balancing each of the bodies but am including a meditation that I learned in a group that I attended in the early 1980’s.

Some may laugh and say it is silly but just from a psychological point of view it is healing 😀


Get comfortable:


Breathe deeply and slowly and relax:


(Either record the following or just say it.)


“Thankyou hair and scalp I love you:


Thankyou skin I love you:


Thankyou bones and skeletal system I love you:

Thankyou spine I love you:


Thankyou brain and nervous system I love you:


Thankyou eyes, optic nerve and visual system I love you:

Thankyou ears and auditory system I love you:


Thankyou nose and nasal passages I love you:


Thankyou lips, tongue, teeth, gums and throat I love you:


Thankyou neck and shoulders I love you:


Thankyou arms, hands and fingers I love you:


Thankyou lungs, bronchi and respiratory system I love you:


Thankyou heart and circulatory system I love you:


Thankyou immune system I love you:


Thankyou endocrine system I love you:


Thankyou glandular system I love you:


Thankyou lymphatic system I love you


Thankyou digestive and eliminatory system I love you:


Thankyou stomach I love you:


Thankyou hips and thighs I love you:


Thankyou legs feet and toes I love you:


Every system and every organ of my multidimensional being is structurally functionally perfect and loved.”


Breathe deeply and slowly: sit in silence for as long as you wish  then stand up and stretch.

This chakra balance and cleansing is different.


I start from the crown chakra whereas others start from the base.



Chakra Cleansing


Bring a beam of white light down through your crown chakra – ( violet – above your head- 5cm in diameter – spinning) – As the white light swirls through each chakra it cleanses it making each colour brighter. Check each chakra for cords. Unplug cords:  seal your end with white light.


Take the beam of light through the following chakras.


Check each for cords. Unpug cords: seal with white light.


Third eye – middle of forehead – indigo


Throat – floating above voice box – blue


Heart – middle of chest – green


Solar plexus – 3 cm above the navel – yellow


Sexual – above pubic hair – orange


Base – at base of spine – red


Take the white light to the soles of your feet -2 minor chakras – then into the earth. Bring a broad band of white light back up over your head. It then divides into two and fountains back into the earth.


Repeat the fountain  if you wish but no more than five times.

Blessed be



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