To advertise my book “The Clairvoyant Experiences of A Sceptic” with Amazon who have exclusive rights it would cost a minimum of $100 I only get $1.46 per book.

I had previously published a sci fi.

The third one I have written.

My sci fi’s are social satire on how we  humans are thoughtlessly destroying our planet.

As my fiction story isn’t that popular I decided to write a nonfiction. If you read the free sample it says this.

I once had a” Pollyanna” outlook on life but this century I realize that “fitting in” requires one to be a mindless automaton and to be successful a sociopath.

I put this post on FB this morning.

“Someone is cutting back trees in my road. Probably the council ☹

It really upsets me but few people “get” this and just think that I am weird. I remembered years ago when they chopped down the tree on the footpath across the road. It wasn’t in the way of anything? The magpie family just stood by the stump looking at where their home had once been.

My podiatrist was telling me that the reason South Australia is the driest state is because when the first white settlers arrived they removed 70 percent of the trees! Look after trees. Your life depends on it!”


My non-fiction is about my clairvoyant experiences –Obviously! – There are many, many more stories than mentioned in this book but I consider it unethical to discuss other people’s readings.

I have no idea about the meaning of life and I do not believe there is a god: nor do I believe in karma: karma is the Hindu word for “work”. But I know that there is more to this reality than we are able to understand.

Blessed be


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