I See Dead People

I chose the title just to get your attention — but after this very short blog I will post an ad for my book and for on line readings. (And I do see people that have passed over.)


My podiatrist always has interesting stories to tell while he is hacking at my feet   😛


He cares about other life forms and the ecology.

Yesterday he told me some horror stories of how cruel and thoughtless many humans were/are toward birds and animals.



Rather than share these stories I just want to ask that others join us in sending healing to the non human life forms on this planet.


A few of us are sending healing at the same time each evening to mother earth and all birds, animals, reptiles, insects, trees plants, molluscs, arachnids,  frogs and sea life.

(I include livestock and laboratory animals being freed and inhumane practices demolished)

If you wish to join in send healing (or pray if you have religious beliefs) at 8pm /2000hrs South Australian time: Just five minutes a night.

Similar endeavours have succeeded in the past on a smaller scale.

Even if you cannot send every night send on the evenings that you can.


If you’re are overseas and able join in just calculate the time. e.g. UK would be 11.30am


Please include a protection around the Great Australian Bight to prevent oil drilling.



Yippee! the paperback version is now available in Australia: I am guessing it is because Amazon are stopping Aussies from buying overseas.


I am now set up to receive payment via PayPal

You can pay online using your credit card, debit card or PayPal.” Just send me your email address for the invoice.

I am having to put the price up a little to cover my costs so online readings are now $60.00 and emails $50 (With emails just email a recent photo)

I am still able to see some aura colours and see and communicate with people that have “passed over”.

Contact me via email katscho@iinet.net.au

The picture on my book and business card was taken when a was 46. So to show what I really look like now that I am “passed my use-by date”: as in Old,  I am posting a recent picture of myself with no make up and my dressing gown.  😛


Oops the picture is a bit blurry.

Have a great day

Blessed be.

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