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Thankyou to all the people who have bought my book     I only get $1.46 per book but my favourite son in his wisdom said you could sell a million ( He was joking — I wrote it because I love writing).

Thankyou to the people that have booked me for “online” readings this suits me better because I don’t have a venue (and I can still see auras and  see and communicate with those who have “passed over”)



Having put the picture of myself at 46 on both my book and business cards am satiated looking at it:

Don’t you love the jargon?

So some respite from my photo:

AG00311_          AG00301_     AG00315_witch

image002   Happy Face


Herewith info again:

And for readings:


Readings are $60 via Skype or Messenger and $50 for emails.

Be Blessed


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