Sci Fi E Book 14th Instalment


In primary school the class was asked to write an essay entitled “My Wish”

I wrote that I wished people would care more about looking after nature and the planet than money.

Seeing that this is never going to happen in my life time or possibly ever!

I wrote a short story for myself and as sympathetic magick

I am writing another E Book with Kunapipi as my main character. I am researching for this even though it is sci fi:  It is important to me that there is some “truth”

Again I am writing this for myself: it is what I want to do.

And you never know; one day when I am dead, people may actually like my books.

In the 70’s I was in Greenpeace, Women’s Lib. Animal Lib. And later Trees for Life. I was ridiculed for recycling and for being a vegetarian. Whereas once I used to wonder what was wrong with me because I didn’t think like everyone else: now I tell myself I am just ahead of my time 😛 – In my defence a lecturer at teachers college told me that I was an original thinker.


Now 14th instalment of:

A Short Story About Healing The Blue Planet Kindle Edition


Elsie and George feeling confident of their ability to translocate, tried to sense relatives in what had been the UK. Once they made a connection, they announced that they were visiting the “UK” but would be back.

And they were gone.

Paul laughing said, “I imagine that I will soon get used to people just popping out.”

‘You can use the same technique to travel backwards or forwards through time if you wish.’ said Kunapipi!

‘Time is just a dimension!’

“So, is there karma, if we attempt revenge on horrible people from the past?” Asked Robert.

‘There is no karma, no hell etc. The reason some people claim “What goes around comes around” is because if we wish with strong emotional intent that someone gets back what they are dishing out, then the culprit usually does get what they deserve!’

‘Time travelling requires we create a wormhole which we can do using a “Cone of Power”. Many of you are Wiccan so you are familiar with the power generated from a sky clad spiral dance.

“Well let’s go?”

‘Now?’ ‘I thought that you wanted to check out the computer and other appliances now we have electricity?’

Robert’s mother and brother said that they were eager to time travel. James and his mother Darlene wanted to try this. As did William and Mary.


‘Time decreases with velocity as you know but with the spiral dance we just get up enough speed until we are in no time and visualize the time period we wish to get to. Intent is what matters. Our subconscious with do the maths and get us to the time we wish. And we can use this spiral dance to get back as well.  If you are by yourself just spin but a group can dance a cone of power.’

‘You’ll arrive at your destination sky clad so try and visualize somewhere where you can grab clothing. 0r maybe arrive at a nudist beach.

I also recommend that you go backward not forward at least in the beginning.’

“So, we could go back into the past and change things?”

‘Yes, but on a small scale — not enough to save the planet from the human plague!’

Wendy enquired  “I’d like to visit the Nirahns just in their space ship for now. If I astral project and leave my physical body behind, I presume this is possible?”

‘See! You are all original thinkers. Of course, it is possible.’

‘Well there will be a few less crowding around the computer, the television and DVD player.

Satya: Ahimsa.’ said Kunapipi using Enil’s form of greeting.

To be continued:

Blessed Be