Sci Fi E Book 12th Instalment


‘Before the world changed even being taught this wouldn’t guarantee your success first try:  But now you will succeed first time!’

The mediation included chakra balancing and grounding:

Creating a simulacrum for astral projection: and transferring their consciousness to the simulacrum.


‘Now everyone including “Parrot’s” people. We can only translocate to somewhere we have been or to someone we know.

As somewhere we have been no longer looks the same we will transfer to someone we know and that will be Bullai.’

Bullai, as a being from outside the universe, linked her consciousness to where the pets of Australia were and translocated there.

Kunapipi explained to everyone how to pull their physical being into the simulacrum

And they all did.

‘Now visualize Bullai and then take yourself to her!

Bullai: grinned as she watched people and one wallaby “pop” to where she was at the pet sanctuary.

The wallaby was James: The eight year old telepathed that he had always wanted to be a kangaroo; so he made his simulacrum as one.

He had intuited that this was possible and was how “shape changers” changed form.

“Now we should be able to do this instead of dying.”

‘You could and you can!’

“Well how was that?” said Christopher.  Referring to the translocation


Everyone else smiling, agreed!

They were not far from what had been called lake Eyre and near a river named Diamantina.

Naturally the lake and river were filled with beautiful  blue water and surrounded by abundant flora  and fauna.  Eucalyptus, wattle, kangaroo paw, bottlebrush  and what had been called Johnson grass trees: There were koalas, kangaroos and wombats, goannas and of course lots of dogs and cats!

William and Mary were hoping to find another pig for their pig “Hawking”

William had wanted to call the pig Einstein but Mary said “Too common and not a girl’s name””

And strangely enough there were a few “pet” pigs: They chose a female and Mary wanted to call it Molly.

“Did you know Molly means prostitute? “Explained Thomas.

“It’s a derivative of my name “Mary” but I have no objection to being labelled a prostitute! In the old world, it was a necessary profession: And I am guessing it was because the Romans after adopting Christianity labelled Jesus wife “Mary” as a whor

“None of this is relevant to now!” Interrupted William.

Bullai explained that there were twenty-five thousand humans in Australia so all the pets who wanted a home would find homes.

“Just take those that are drawn to you and vice a versa.”

‘Taking them back you will have to create a simulacrum for them and  assist them to transfer their physical bodies to this: Animals learn quickly and will assist with this: ‘

‘All you have to do is visualize where you live:

Just don’t get the pet roos mixed up with James!’

All were laughing!


To Be continued