Sci Fi E Book 11th Instalment

Star Trek also gave the idea that matter and energy are interchange able.

Add to this, that time is just a dimension.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       That once something is created it gains a consciousness of its own. This would happen in the old world/system when people created thought forms, usually unknowingly.

I am not god! Not even the boss!’

‘There is no hierarchical structure: you would not be here if you weren’t caring honest people who would do their best for other humans and other species.’

‘With different projects there will be those with more know-how and experience than others therefore they will take the lead giving others directions advice and help.’

Several days later Kunapipi was contacted by Bullai.                                                                                (Telepathically and with humour.)

“Well I chose the best humans to incarnate as!”

‘Yes! They call you a parrot’

Ignoring the comment Bullai continued, “My ten husbands are part of the survivors.

I haven’t time to go “walk about” to see them but I can translocate to each one.

My people will have no problem learning translocating, as  most can astral project. And it is just an extension on this.

This land mass hasn’t been this green since it was called Lemuria – You were with me then  – sending a smile:”

“As we are neighbours:” continued Bullai:

“Live by same river:”


“I thought our peoples could get together and share ideas and have fun too.

That is what I love about my people. Everything is fun!”

“I just love your idea about a reality where trees use humans for food, slave labour and experimentation. I suggested one where the mice and insects are able to torture white people.”


‘Ha! Ha! “Parrot”, most of my group will have no problem with translocating as the majority are pagans and witches:’

“What about warlocks?”

‘Male witches are called witches. I thought you were omniscient?’

“Not in human form!”

‘The term warlock refers to those involved in evil practices: They got their ideas from the inquisitors and Malleus Malefucarum in the 14th century— oops! they should call me parrot!

And; Yes:  I could use your help.’

Soon the billabong had visitors. Those who would once have been called indigenous Australians.

Kunapipi called out verbally and mentally to the people at the Billabong.

‘Those of you that would like to teleport to pets that have lost their humans join us.’

Not everyone joined in. Some wished to keep working on various projects important to the settlement: Including making clay bricks; and starting the central meeting hall. (Where they would  by putting solar panels, and installing electricity, so as to play DVD’s and other data saved from before the change.)

‘How many of you are able to astral project at will?’

There were only five that could not do this.

Those that could include the people who had been wheel chair bound and the couple that had suffered with Downs Syndrome.

“Being wheel chair bound motivates one to astral project.” shared Thomas.

‘Those of you who are able to astral project, block out my voice and leave your physical bodies.      Wait while I talk the other through this. Please make a simulacrum for this astral travel!’

To the five:

‘Before the world changed even being taught this wouldn’t guarantee your success first try:  But now you will succeed first time!’

The mediation included chakra balancing and grounding:

Creating a simulacrum for astral projection: and transferring their consciousness to the simulacrum.

——to be continued: