Sci Fi E Book 10th Instalment

Choose what tasks you wish to do.

Don’t all fight for the privilege of digging the loo.’


The people knew she was joking.

As Anne, Kunapipi often found that people just didn’t get her humour.

But this group did.

Before they left the gathering, someone had a question:

Half-jokingly Darlene (James Mother) asked:

“Are we still a reality TV show for between world?”

‘You never were! We participate rather than watch’

‘Oops! I guess there is an analogy with being a reality TV show. Not that I ever watched one!’

Beings from between worlds (that you humans have labelled angels) participate in this universe and sometimes incarnate as different creatures on this planet: very few wish to be human as they considered most humans stupid; with the exception of those cultures labelled primitive. Unfortunately, these no longer existed because of the W.A.S.P.s (As in White Anglo Saxon Protestant).

The Milky Way galaxy is very popular because it is a “feeling” galaxy.


Sadly the beings of Canis Major got hooked on feelings caused by trauma and pain! And they are partly responsible for the damage humans did because they influenced humans to be violent and destructive.’

Even though they were now working toward making the settlement home Kunapipi kept communicating both verbally and telepathically. This was her “Anne” personality, who of course had an anxiety disorder due her human (last) life experience.

While they were working, Paul who had been an electrician and was supervising the setup of the solar panels asked. “What about the nasty creatures from Canis Major? Will they be bothering us?”

‘They are not addicted to love and happiness.’ Kunapipi explained

“Why weren’t the creeps from Canis Major terminated? “Paul questioned.

‘We wanted to save the blue planet and the indigenous life. Removing humans was a last resort. It was either that or the planet would have died!

As I am sure you all realize, but cannot conceptualize, linear time is an illusion! Time is a dimension and in a probable future humans had completely destroyed the planet. And In a probable future the beings from Canis Major no longer were addicted to fear and pain.’

‘Even though those of you that remain, prefer nature to cities, the change is so drastic it can and will cause what your medical system labelled “post-traumatic stress disorder. P.T.S.D.

You have items from your past to help you keep some sort of connection.

You are not expected to change norms & mores.’

‘As I have already told you, you are able to survive on the sun’s energy but you will want to eat. There are vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, fruit, olive and almond trees growing in our immediate vicinity. Not planted in rows but scattered among the native flora.

Thank the plant when you take something. Everything has a consciousness Throw seeds on the earth. Only take what you need.

There are grape vines and hops so when these are ready you can make wine and beer. There are hemp plants for healing, for making rope etc. and you may use it recreationally.’


The following day Kunapipi worked quietly with the others no longer giving information – unless asked:

Someone asked about marriage.

‘If monogamy suits you stay with it:

If not say so.

Also there is no judgment re sexual preference as long as it is limited to your own species and consensual.

I am sure you intuitively know that.’

Elsie was in tears.

“My husband George died before Arawn came here. Is it possible to bring him back?”

‘Yes! I will ask George’s consent which I am sure he will give!’

Someone else questioned.

“If you can bring back the dead and Arawn created the universe doesn’t that make you gods?”

‘There is no such thing! The concept was inculcated to control you!’

‘I am unable to give you an analogy using concepts you have in your present linear time But I am guessing those of you who never watched Star Trek are aware of the ideas this TV series made popular.

So, consider someone created this huge holodeck and Arawn created a universe with all components therein. This is and was a creative endeavour on Arawn’s part. Like some human’s paint, write music etc.


Star Trek also gave the idea that matter and energy are interchange able.

Add to this that time is just a dimension.

That once something is created it gains a consciousness of its own. This would happen in the old world/system when people created thought forms, usually unknowingly.

I am not a god. Not even the boss!!’