Sci Fi E Book 8th Instalment

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Kunapipi asked the group to stay where they were:

‘I will try and explain what has happened: feel free to interrupt and ask questions.’

Christopher asked straight away, “How many humans are there on the planet?”


‘186.5 thousand surviving humans from 7.4 billion.’

Someone else asked, “In Australia?”

‘No on the whole planet!’

“Surely there were not billions of humans that were cruel to animals?”

‘No: but people thoughtlessly killed other life forms:

Insects; mice; snails: snakes: (Snakes have been removed, as have crocodiles: they were not part of the original program.)

Humans chopped down trees: poisoned the soil: concreted driveways: bituminized roads.

They supported industries that were actively cruel to animals. The meat industry: drug companies: cosmetic companies.

Real estate development and mining destroyed the environment and wild life.

You are people who intrinsically respected the planet, other life forms and the ecology.’

‘Another reason, that I find difficult to express in English, or even Australian.’ Kunapipi said laughing, ‘Is that you are “real”! As in honest; genuine; say what you mean and mean what you say: have integrity: And I am sure that you’ll like me now after that compliment!’ laughing still.

‘Throughout the planet there are people from outside this universe to help the humans and other life forms.

You have me! ‘said Kunapipi

‘I believe I have introduced myself to everyone already but in case you were too upset to remember, my name is Kunapipi.’

“So, what has happened?” asked Robert.

‘It is difficult to explain how this happened.

It wasn’t magic! Arawn manipulated time and energy.

Toxic nuclear waste has been removed from this beautiful blue planet.

The Nirahns teleported the toxic waste out of the earth and shot it into the sun.

The Nirahns will be staying for a while to help but they cannot exist in our atmosphere so will stay in their space ship.

They wish to do this as they created humans in the first place.’

‘The captain of the Nirahn space ship wishes to communicate with us, and asks your consent.’

Most nodded. No one objected.


Enil telepathically spoke to the Billabong group.

“We genetically engineered humans using orangutan and pig DNA. You  were given  full lives.  A 1000 years but would eventually die out because you couldn’t procreate. We used cows for gestation.

You may wonder why I am telling you this.” Satya” (truth) is very important to us.

Your DNA has been restored to its original excepting that your reproductive organs are intact.

You still have genitals so may enjoy sex but no human procreating for half a century. Other species instinctively know when to procreate to maintain the ecological balance.

Humans don’t!

We will communicate with you more at another time.

I wish to communicate with all the remaining groups of humans on this planet.

Satya Ahimsa”

Kunapipi returned Enil’s “greeting” of “truth” and “no harm”.

‘Satya Ahimsa’

She then continued explaining their “new world”.

‘Mother Earth has been healed from damage of mining: and other toxic practices of homo sapiens. All weaponry has been removed. There are no cars, ships or aeroplanes.

All live stock are now free: The same with animals from laboratories.


Creatures from zoos have been returned to the continent of their origin.

There will be many animals who were pets that no longer have a human but they do have “angels” as do the sheep cattle and pigs.

When we are practicing translocation; if you would like, we can visit the animals?

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