My Sci Fi E Book 7th Instalment


‘No wonder we “between world beings”  love participating in this reality: no  words can describe the wonderful feeling/energy of all life forms in health and harmony.’ thought Kunapipi.

There were grape vines and cannabis plants: as well as sage and other herbs.

Everything blended in with the natural vegetation.

It made her so happy and she wanted to share this happiness with the survivors in her group.

Kunapipi walked around visiting each family, couple or individual of the small community:

The first couple that she greeted  had been high priestess and high priest of a coven. Their names were Christine and Christopher: She teased them about their names hoping to lighten the mood : Offered them food and water invited them to follow.

The next, were a woman, Iris, with her two sons who had cerebral palsy before the world changed. They were still in their  beds, which were actually mats on the ground. Although they knew they no longer had the disorder that caused the signals in their brains to go the wrong way, it was strange for them to adjust to the “signals” working properly.

Chris and Chris assisted Robert and Kunapipi and Iris assisted Thomas: offering drinks and food and then assisting to stand and walk.

There was no hurry: so they allowed these amazing men all the time necessary.

The remainder of the community were already up and about. Some heading toward Kunapipi, Iris and company. Others wandering around the billabong or toward the river.

As to be expected they were in shock and some were in tears. Not just the women.

This group were mostly pagans or witches. As well as vegan or vegetarians: but they were neo pagans. Admittedly they respected the planet but were also used to mod cons.

The billabong  group were so pleased to see that their pets were with them. Mostly dogs and cats

A couple who had had Downs Syndrome before the “world changed”  had a pet pig. Named Hawking. (Because pigs are very intelligent!)

This couple, William and Mary had no difficulty adjusting to not having their disability.  Their mouths were now normal size, hence not a problem with their tongue and speaking. No heart problems either. So, they were very happy; dancing: holding hands; leaning back and spinning as fast as they could. They had many people laughing which helped alleviate anxiety.

Kunapipi told everyone:

‘Eating will ground you, so help yourself to what is in this basket and there is

also water for you.  There are cups saved from the “old world “.’ (These were in another basket.)

‘Arawn was expecting all life forms to revert to living off the energy from the sun.

He may have created this reality but it has changed and it is not wise for you to abstain from eating! Please ask and give thanks for the food you are taking. Take only what you require and throw any seeds to the earth.’

Kunapipi suggested that they wander around and connect with trees and other life forms in their immediate environment:

Someone named Elsie commented “I cannot see buildings anywhere?”

‘There are no buildings; no cars; no planes and no boats!

No phones: no clocks: no compasses.” explained Kunapipi.

“So, we can only travel as far as we can walk? And we cannot contact people on another continent?” enquired Elsie.

‘You can contact people over long distances telepathically. You have always been telepathic. Humans were programmed by those from Canis Major not to use this ability.’

‘You can and will travel long distances. Later I will be teaching you how to translocate. This is an extension of astral projecting so most of this group will find it easy. You may transfer not only anywhere in this world but to other planets.

To transfer to another world or travel in time we need to dance the Wiccan “Cone of Power” to create a “wormhole”.’

“Do we have to live in humpies for the rest of our lives?” asked Elsie.

‘We will make clay bricks for the community building and for your homes: We have nails and hammers and we can make the moulds with fallen wood and a kiln to fire these bricks.

Just thank the clay water and whatever you use. Everything that exists has a consciousness.

You will make your own comfortable homes.’


‘To familiarize yourselves with our new home:’ continued Kunapipi, ‘I would like to guide you through a meditation where you link with a tree?

Join in only if you wish.

This is a commune not a dictatorship. So we share and we really do have free will! Whereas once we were told we had free will but certainly did not.

I realize some of you know how to put your consciousness in other life forms but if you like I will talk you through a guided meditation.’

All agreed that they would like this.

At Kunapipi suggestion they each chose nearby a tree: within hearing range of Kunapipi voice:  as they made themselves comfortable they asked the tree for permission to connect.


‘Before the tree meditation I will guide you through chakra balancing and grounding yourself  even though I know most of you can do this without guidance:



Get physically comfortable:


Breathe deeply and slowly and relax:

Bring a beam of white light down through your crown chakra which is violet  and floating above your head- 5cm in diameter – spinning –

As the white light swirls through each chakra it cleanses it making each colour brighter.

Check each chakra for cords. Unplug cords:  Seal your end with white light, which changes to the colour of the chakra.

Take the beam of light through the following chakras repeating the above.

Third eye – middle of forehead – indigo

Throat – floating above voice box – blue

Heart – middle of chest – green

Solar plexus – 3 cm above the navel – yellow

Sexual – above pubic hair – orange

Base – at base of spine – red

Take the white light to the soles of your feet where there are minor chakras:  then into the earth. Bring a broad band of white light back up over your head. It then divides into two and fountains back into the earth.

Open your eyes and stretch:   we will start the TREE meditation in a couple of minutes.’

Kunapipi could feel that these people were already a little calmer after just balancing their chakras and grounding.



‘Get physically comfortable

Breathe deeply and slowly and relax.

Your eyes are closing and you are becoming more and more relaxed. Each part of your body is relaxing, a bit at a time, until you are fully relaxed.

You are fully relaxed now.

Create a circle of protection around yourself and the tree.


Breathe deeply slowly and relax.

And now slowly open your eyes and focus your awareness on the tree.

You are very relaxed and all your attention is directed to the tree.

Look only at the tree

Have total awareness of the tree.

Send love to this tree and (again) ask permission to merge with it.

Now remain fully relaxed.

You are very relaxed.

Breathing deeply and slowly: relaxed.

Slowly allow your consciousness to lift up, feel it lifting out and away from your physical body.

Your awareness is moving away from your physical body and into the tree.

You are moving into the tree

You may feel as though you are making believe, but this is the right feeling.

Just move into the tree.

Go into any part of the tree you like. Move into the leaves, the stems, the roots. Notice the light inside the tree. Notice the sound inside the tree. Notice the movement inside the tree. Notice the texture inside the tree. And now become the tree. Let your awareness join with the tree’s awareness. Feel the movements inside your body as you are the tree.

Now gently and easily move back into your own body.

Let your awareness return to your body. Open your eyes and observe the tree again.

And seeing the tree again and knowing the tree has a consciousness begin to communicate with the tree. Ask the tree if it has anything it can teach you? Close your eyes again and listen to the tree.

What can it teach you?

You already know that the experience you have just had, of communicating with the tree and becoming the tree, is something that you often do on an unconscious level and leads to a greater understanding compassion.

Return now to your usual awareness, your own identity fully restored.

Be blessed and blessed be the tree.’

* * * * * * * *


Kunapipi asked the group to stay where they were:

‘I will try and explain what has happened: feel free to interrupt and ask questions.’


Next instalment 18th September