My Sci Fi E Book 6th Instalment

The Nirahns whom could see close ups of the planet on their “view screen” saw people and buildings just disappear. One minute there were humans and buildings all over the planet. And then they were gone.                                                                                                                                                                     They watched vegetation grow at an accelerated speed.

Kunapipi/Anne awoke on the first day of the New Earth. She had slept in a humpy and awakened to kookaburras laughing.

The trees; mostly eucalyptus; some Sturt peas and wattle, outnumbered the humans in this small group.  Galahs and corellas abound and they were quiet.

There were numerous bird species including ibis and pelicans.

There were ducks galore and black swans.

The corellas had once  been so noisy. Now that their food was no longer scarce and they weren’t  bordering on extinction they were quiet.

The world felt “right” but Kunapipi was aware that the other humans would not share her feeling of “this is how it should be”.

This was a culture shock for them!

Those in this settlement were strangers to Kunapipi.                                                                   Her family (Anne’s family) had survived as had their spouses and children but it was better for another to help her family and wiser for Kunapipi to help strangers.

Arawn had placed the humpies around this camp,  which was by a billabong and near what had been called the Murray River. The humpies were made from fallen tree limbs fallen bark pieces and brush. It stands to reason than the humans would be neither happy nor comfortable living in these.

Arawn had erased all cities and buildings. Pipes and cables. Bitumen cement. Everything that wasn’t a part of nature.

He had saved some items for each settlement (throughout the world) To minimize the culture shock.

Where the cities had been; healthy vegetation; animals, birds,  reptiles and insects abound.

There were only thirty three in the  group Kunapipi was helping:

She found a large basket: one of the many items that Arawn had saved:

And wandered around picking fruit and nuts.

In another container, a canvas water bag, made from hemp, she collected water from the river.

Asking permission and giving thanks to each item she collected:

She had noticed that there were grains growing, including oats but didn’t collect any.

There were also small trees with coffee beans: these she didn’t collect partly because they were not ready. There were potatoes, onions and kale.

She found mushrooms. It reminded her of collecting field mushrooms as a child:

‘No wonder we “between world beings”  love participating in this reality: no  words can describe the wonderful feeling/energy of all life forms in health and harmony.’ thought Kunapipi.