My Sci Fi E Book 5th Instalment

“Consciousness cannot be erased from existence. “

Arawn was correct, of course.

Some did perceive him as the Antichrist:

The majority thought that it was a hoax!

Thoughts and words filtered up to him such as “I’ve killed numerous deer like you”

Those that believed him became hysterical.

Some accused him of genocide and rightly so.

But then humans don’t label it genocide when they cull other species.


What’s the difference?


Some did think him god!

Arawn answered!

“There is no such creature.

The concept was created by those in power. To control you.

This universe was/is a creative endeavour .

The closest analogy within your limited understanding is that I am the writer, producer and director  of a movie. I also  designed the set and choose the actors.

Or using an analogy from a sci fi television series: I am a technician creating an holodeck programme.

The Nirahns whom I  look like; did not give you reproductive organs.

They intended you to die out after a life span of a thousand years.

The original design of humans were seven to eight foot tall and you were vegetarian.


The old “gods” were different E. T. ‘s. With their own agenda.

They were from the constellation of Scorpius:

These beings enabled you to reproduce.

They were “growing” you as a food source.

Where do you think the idea of human sacrifices came from.?

And your vampire myths?

It was during this time that the beings from Canis Major became aware of you and addicted to your feelings of pain and trauma.

These Canis Major creatures also feed off the pain of planet Earth herself!


As I have said your existence will continue.

You will go to “between universes”  Where linear time still exists; but at a different “speed”.

Beings that some have called “angels” will heal you and then you can incarnate to another planet in this universe or as a non-human life form on planet earth.”

What he didn’t say was that there were too many for  the “angels” to help and heal and the vast majority would be “asleep” (or in stasis would be a better description) until they could be helped.

Using the holodeck analogy Arawn “deleted” almost all the human “programmes” from this planet.


The Nirahns whom could see close ups of the planet on their “view screen” saw people and buildings just disappear. One minute there were humans and buildings all over the planet. And then they were gone.                                                                                                                                                                     They watched vegetation grow at an accelerated speed.earth3

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