My Sci Fi E Book Third Instalment

Seven decades past while Anne tried her best to fit in and was frustrated that she couldn’t.





Hurtling through the void of space the Star Ship “Enquirer”  from the Ophiuchus star system headed for the system called “Sol” and more specifically the planet “Earth”. This space ship certainly looked like a flying saucer.

This design had been used for thousands of millennia and was constructed in this round plate like shape that spun like a “top” to create gravity aboard the vessel.

The vessel was designed for exploration hence the crew and more particularly the captain were uncomfortable about their present mission.

“I do not want to be remembered as the captain that annihilated a whole species.” complained Enil.

Arawn who was a VIP passenger, sent out the concept.

“It is my responsibility to heal the blue planet  You will not be annihilating the species!”

Arawn had  just appeared on the fifth planet of a binary sun in the Ophiuchus constellation.

Yet no one noticed.

He projected into the minds of these beings that he was a leader: a scientist: and that he was one of them. Nirahn.

The species he now appeared as, were not humanoid.

They looked like a cross between a deer and a giraffe: with “skin” like a rhinoceros and wobbly legs that looked somewhat like snakes.

They did everything with their mind:

They didn’t breathe oxygen:

They moved around in this “bubble” of liquid that looked like water but was not water.

Their communities blended into the natural environment.

It is difficult to describe  because humans do not have concepts to compare this to. (For example  how would you explain moving pictures or the internet to someone from 14th century Earth.)

Plant life in the domes were similar to coral:  and what looked like rocks: all had consciousness.

( Actually on Earth rocks have a consciousness.)


Arawn created a connection with all those on this planet (which our human English translation would call Nirah) who were indirectly involved with genetically engineering the humans on planet Earth.

He suggested that they return to mend the damage the humans had done and were still doing to the beautiful blue planet.

Nirahns lived for thousands of years but there was no one living that personally remembered the expedition to the corner of the Milky Way.

The humans had been genetically engineered to mine gold because of course the Nirahns could not breathe nor move on the blue planet.

The gold was used as an anti-fungal for their plant life.

By the time Kunapipi heard from Arawn the earth had revolved around Sol seventy times since her incarnation as Anne.

And then Kunapipi remembered who she really was!


The following conversation was just concepts projected telepathically so it happened in seconds.


Even though their communication was telepathic “Anne’s” response still came across as “hyper babble”!


‘Thankyou Arawn for restoring some of my knowing :                                                                  It is beyond frustrating to see so much cruelty and injustice and not be able to do anything about it. What is worse, is being treated as if I were insane because I cared about other life forms!

‘I regret ever advocating for this obnoxious species! ‘


‘I have throughout this life done my best to heal the planet and help other life forms

By joining organizations that campaigned for animal rights and similar groups that cared for trees and ecology.

These groups quite quickly turned into impotent bureaucracies that achieved nothing except support the protestant ethic of money making.

I also, as best as I could, kept my home/s, which I fortunately always managed to own, as an eco-system. For this I was treated as white trash; for not have a pristine manicured garden.

(In this section of linear time Anne/ Kunapipi was a mother and a grandmother. But no longer a wife.)

I now know why I thought Australia was familiar!

It was Lemuria the last time I participated in the Earth part of this universe. The inhabitants lived in harmony with the environment and respected all life. What went wrong?

And why can’t I see beyond linear time?’


“You’ll remember!

Many life forms on this planet are manipulated:

especially the humans:

by the species from the  Canis Major.

This species became addicted to the energies of fear, trauma and pain.

They have triggered wars and hatred by inserting holographic scenes of crimes that never happened.

Then humans would seek revenge.

If  the humans started to act rationally and show respect to one another and other life forms, the Canis Major species would interfere.

Some of their own species (Canis Major) have appeared as humans to influence those in power.”


‘You are making excuses for these obnoxious homo sapiens!

I have the perfect solution for them.

Some of them have this belief in karma which means, what they dish out comes back.

There is no such thing.

But I thought you could create a reality for them where trees use them as food; slave labour and to experiment on!’


“Part of me wants to say I told you so!


I know that you have a warped sense of humour but you are not joking?

I cannot believe that you wish this Kunapipi! “

‘I surprise myself!

Presumably I am just traumatized and require an outlet for my anger and frustration.

Where are my manners

–It is good to connect with you Arawn:

Where are you?’


“I am in a cloaked space ship orbiting earth.