Past Lives


Last century: in the 1980’s and early 1990’s my friends and myself were fascinated by past lives

The first past life regression that I experienced was at a psychic group at Kent Town SA. (I think it was 1980)

Instead of a guided meditation the man running this group took us back to our very last life.

Only four of us achieved this and everyone else complained that it was supposed to be a meditation.

I wrote mine down in an exercise book as soon as I got home. I kept this book for years but it disappeared last century when my 2nd husband moved out. Pity!

I still remember much of the information that I got in this regression:

I was an American Marine in Borneo  (male of course) : either during or just after the Second World War.

At the time I had no idea the war went to Borneo. I checked all the information that I could in the library. I also didn’t like the “Yanks” back then so had no desire to be one. I have since visited the USA and know how friendly and welcoming Americans are.

I died when the b12 I was in ( I was the gunner; not the pilot) was shot down. [This sensation of spinning downwards to my death was brought back to me in this present incarnation when a pilot friend took me up in a Victor (two seater aeroplane) cut the motors and spun the plane downwards without warning me. (He was trying to show off.)]

I was 19; male and the middle child of three boys. My name was Harold. I saw my home but not my parents.

Thirty years ago I didn’t have the internet to find information: so much easier than the library.


As I was born this life in February 1949 I would have come straight back after I died. But knowing that I do not understand the nature of reality or time anything is possible.

I have done numerous past life regression. I am only sharing a few.

When a friend of mine took me back to a past life(in the early eighties this time space). I was walking toward a well in a cobblestone courtyard. (Probably the Middle Ages.) As soon as I appeared everyone else scattered. Immediately I came back to waking reality and couldn’t stop laughing. I said “I don’t know who I was but they didn’t like me.” (I may have been a leper?)

A Reiki master (not so common back then) took me to a past life. I was an English aristocrat in India. What I remember the most about this person who was supposedly me was the way he thought. He was “so far up himself his feet stuck out!” Anyone who wasn’t English upper class was worthless and irrelevant. I said to the Reiki master “I don’t think like this!?”

He was mountain climbing and someone slipped. The Reiki master asked me to “ask” who this was in my present life and I was “told” my daughter.

This aristocrat also raped one of the peasant women. When I asked who is this woman was in this life– The answer was my first husband?!

I experienced another past life (as a man again?!) when I did an exchange of service for someone. This someone balanced my chakras in exchange for a “reading”

When we got to my solar plexus chakra I told him that the problem was a past life. He told me to go there!

This was the most lucid past life I had ever experienced.

I was black; very tall and performing human sacrifices in Egypt. People that I  have told the story to have said that they didn’t have human sacrifices in Egypt: And my reply was/is “Yes they did! I was there!”

The sword that I used look something like a Turkish sword but not quite the same.

I asked who the person that I was murdering/sacrificing is  in my present incarnation; .And was “told” my Mother. ( I don’t see this as a reason for enduring almost 64 years of her physical, emotional and mental abuse this time round — I am joking!)

I killed myself with the sword in this Egyptian life because I hated what I did.

Most of the past lives I have experienced have been male: i have no idea why: But I was a courtesan in France: When I became to old for this lifestyle I became a nun.


I was also an Australian Aboriginal elder (female): – before white man came here. She was wise and a powerful healer.

The last time that I wrote/posted this blog I included a meditation for a past life regression. So if trying this mediation interests you, that blog  was called Past Life Regressions.


Blessed Be

Where Is The Duck


When my daughter’s paternal grandfather was alive he would ridicule me for my clairvoyance and say that there was nothing after death. He claimed that he knew this because he had died several times.

I was running a psychic development group in 1991. Someone “saw” my ex father-in-law. Actually what they described was a photo of Barney and his brother in their army uniforms. I was able to connect with Barney at this time. He was “saying” you were right and jumping around. I told him that this didn’t prove anything to me. I said “I know what you look like; I know what you sound like and I know what you think; show me something that I don’t know.” (Not out loud!)

Firstly he showed me one of my daughter’s horses that he claimed had gone through the meat works. I told him I wasn’t going to check this up. Too upsetting! He then showed me a “duck” and lifted the head off. He “said” “Where is the duck?”

But my mind went to something familiar. I associated this duck with a rocker duck that Barney had made for my daughter when she was a baby. I tried to find out what had happened to the rocker.


Two weeks later I went to my daughters for dinner. In the kitchen there was a biscuit barrel. A duck! And the head came off. I asked my daughter who had bought this for her. She told me Grandma and Granddad.

In January 1992 while I was sitting outside knitting. (This was my stopping smoking therapy!)

I “saw” my daughter’s paternal grandfather.

My initial response was “What do you want?”

He gave me some information pertaining to a male friend which is not relevant to this story.

He then told me that he was reincarnating as my daughter’s son in August.

Years later my daughter had her first child. A boy; born in August . I had almost forgotten Barney’s message until a pagan friend whom had been sending healing to the baby wrote to me that there was a reincarnation link with this child. She thought it my daughter’s grandfather (Actually; she said my father in law).

Re the “seeing” and “communication” everything flashes in a fraction of a second. Clairaudience is often way too fast to understand and I usually get concepts which still flash; in a fraction of a second.  I few years ago I realized that I was an atheist ( after decades of searching for my spiritual home): I actually wrote a blog entitled “Thank God I Am An Atheist: Pun Intended”

Surviving death has nothing to do with  religion or a God concept: We/I simply do not understand the nature of reality: I asked one of my guides who “said” “Can you understand that time is but a dimension and doesn’t really exist?” When I answered “No” she said she cannot even use an analogy to explain things.

In the 1970s I read a book that theorized other realities exist in the same place as we inhabit but because the electrons are moving at a different speed around the protons and neutrons; they are out of phase.

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