I first started developing my clairvoyance in a spiritualist group.                       My mentor was Stella Darwood: An amazing clairvoyant! (Years later I nursed her at the Royal Adelaide Hospital when she died. )

When I first attended these groups, I would see guides ( with my eyes open), with everyone in the room.

Still sceptical at the time I doubted what I was seeing; until in a different group, someone described the same guide that I had seen, with the same person, in Stella’s group.

In my experience guides are not angels:

I see angels as white light.

Just as I theorised, that, we live in a virtual reality– An idea that I got from Star Trek’s “holodeck” – I theorised that guides were us in past lives.                I have “learned” that this isn’t necessarily so.

Some Spiritualists teach that you only have one guide, who cannot appear to anyone else. This is so not true.

I was also told not to tell anyone else my guide’s name: I haven’t adhered to this but with my Wiccan background I prefer to “keep silent”

One guide whom I have been aware of since the late 70s gave me information; some of which I was able to check : including his name and tribal origins                    ( strangely enough from The Bible) And much more that I was/am unable to check! 

He has also been seen many times by others without any hints from me.

He is a Nubian/ Egyptian: pre-dating what recorded history we have of Egypt. Actually pre-dating 3500B.C. He also claimed to have lived to be over a thousand years old? He is very tall: possibly 8 foot and black, as in blue black.

In the 70s pyramids were a fad and I asked this guide about pyramids:

He said “Pyramids refract electromagnetic waves like a prism refracts light”. Now this was the seventies: I headed to the library, to find information on electro magnetic waves. I found some info: not much.

This guide also took me on a “journey”: I guess you could call it a meditation:     We were in an Egyptian reed canoe– This wasn’t what I was expecting — I had images of Egyptian barges in my mind from the movie Cleopatra but I was able to find a picture in an encyclopaedia afterwards; that’s how I know it was an Egyptian reed canoe!

We were in a battle and I wasn’t comfortable so brought myself out of the “mediation”. He told me that the Nubians were the ruling class in Egypt in his life time.

He also confirmed that he was me in another life!



Another guide I love and appreciate, came to me when I was very ill.                        (Every organ in my body was shutting down; which meant I was dying.

An amazing naturopath, whom I still see, saved my life.)

This guide told me “My name is Pila. I am here for support.” She has a great sense of humour.

She looked like a Polynesian priestess – or what I imagine a priestess would look like.

Pila told me when I asked, that she was NOT me in a past life but part of my multidimensional being? My thoughts were;- maybe me, in an alternate reality?

When I asked her to tell me more about herself she told me she was from what we call Rap Nui (Easter Island) That she wasn’t a priestess but what  would be considered an elder. She said her culture were matriarchal. She also practised polyandry. She had 8 husbands.


Of course years later I Googled this and read that they were cannibals.                 Pila told me that she was a vegetarian.

(I am a vegetarian and to me cannibalism isn’t much more horrifying than supporting the meat industry; with its factory farming and mass slaughter at abattoirs. Still I cannot be sure I didn’t imagine her answers considering my own feelings/ideas.)

Last century I was able to draw pictures of peoples guides.

This century I think I have just lost confidence in me.

Pila will help me with this.

Happy Face

With guides; unlike deceased love ones; I am unable to prove their authenticity.

I ask them for help and guidance and receive same: even though I may just be talking to other aspects of me; it works!

Blessed Be


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