I Am Really Here!


I avoid blogging about readings out of respect for client’s privacy.

So the following information will be necessarily vague.

I saw and communicated with a man (deceased) for someone I was reading for. When I “see” and “hear” and receive concepts these flash in a fraction of a second (approximately a 16th of a second)

When speaking to the person he had appeared for; I said “He is just projecting his image!” Immediately this deceased person “told me off” saying “I am really here!”

I was then impressed to explain something, to the client, that I read in the 70’s about how all realities exist in the same place but they are out of phase because the electrons are moving at a different speed around the protons and neutrons.

This episode caused me to question my concepts about clairvoyance and life and death etc.

Although when I first started seeing “dead people” I saw with my eyes open. I blocked this off more than two decades ago Not good for sanity.

Yet I always thought that people were projecting the image they wished because often they would look younger than photographs shown me after readings.

Considering I was given the analogy of a virtual reality last century long before “The Matrix” movie I guess what I am seeing is their “digital self image” (Best analogy I can think of at the moment)

Considering this “out of phase” concept I asked “my guide” if we exist in a parallel universe after we die. I was told “Yes! We exist in many universes!” BUT we also exist outside these universes.

My guide is unable to explain things to me because I cannot grasp the concepts.

I sort of “know” sometimes. It is on the edge of my understanding like a word one cannot quite remember being on the tip of ones tongue.

Because I cannot understand all the trauma and suffering in this world I began to favour chaos theory.

My guide has told me chaos theory is incorrect and the closest analogy he could give me was the one in Barbara Marciniak’s book “Bringers of the Dawn” where the Pleidians tell that our fear energy is food for some ET’s!

I used to think that people that believed this were the lunatic fringe.

I must just accept that there is so much I cannot understand and probably still wont after I die.

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