I Am Really Here!



I avoid blogging about readings out of respect for client’s privacy.

So the following information will be necessarily vague.

I saw and communicated with a man (deceased) for someone I was reading for. When I “see” and “hear” and receive concepts these flash in a fraction of a second (approximately a 16th of a second)

When speaking to the person he had appeared for; I said “He is just projecting his image!” Immediately this deceased person “told me off” saying “I am really here!”

I was then impressed to explain something, to the client, that I read in the 70’s about how all realities exist in the same place but they are out of phase because the electrons are moving at a different speed around the protons and neutrons.

This episode caused me to question my concepts about clairvoyance and life and death etc.

Although when I first…

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