Past Life Regression


Past life regression

I have written a few blogs this year but I have been so negative and this transferred to my blogs. So I deleted them not wanting to contaminate others with my resentments.

I have decided to share stories of a few past life regressions that I have done.

If you wish to regress yourself there are many books that give you techniques for this. I will include a technique that I have used for my psychic development and Wiccan groups at the end of this blog.

The first past life regression that I experienced was at a psychic group at Kent Town SA. (I think it was 1980)

Instead of a guided meditation the man running this group took us back to our very last life.

Only four of us achieved this and everyone else complained that it was supposed to be a meditation.

I wrote mine down in an exercise book as soon as I got home. I kept this book for years but it disappeared last century when my 2nd husband moved out. Pity!

I still remember much of the information that I got in this regression. I was an American Marine in Borneo either during or just after the Second World War. At the time I had no idea the war went to Borneo. I checked all the information that I could in the library. I also didn’t like the “Yanks” back then so had no desire to be one. I have since visited the USA and know how friendly and welcoming Americans are.

I died when the b12 I was in ( I was the gunner; not the pilot) was shot down. This sensation of spinning downwards to my death was brought back to me in this present incarnation when a pilot friend took me up in a Victor (two seater aeroplane) cut the motors and spun the plane downwards without warning me. (He was trying to show off.)

I Googled pictures of a b12 but they were copyright so i cannot use them. Aeroplane pictured is” Clipart”

As a Marine I was 19; male and the middle child of three boys. My name was Harold. I saw my home but not my parents.

As I was born this life in February 1949 I would have come straight back after I died. But knowing that I do not understand the nature of reality or time anything is possible.

I have done numerous past life regression. It was a fad for me and my friends at one stage. I am only going to share a few.

When a friend of mine took me back to a past life (in the early eighties this time space). I was walking toward a well in a cobblestone courtyard. (Probably the Middle Ages.) As soon as I appeared everyone else scattered. Immediately I came back to waking reality and couldn’t stop laughing. I said “I don’t know who I was but they didn’t like me.” (I may have been a leper?)

A Reiki master (not so common back then) took me to a past life. I was an English aristocrat in India. What I remember the most about this person who was supposedly me was the way he thought. He was “so far up himself his feet stuck out!” Anyone who wasn’t English upper class was worthless and irrelevant. I said to the Reiki master “I don’t think like this!?”

He was mountain climbing and someone slipped. The Reiki master asked me to “ask” who this was in my present life and it was my daughter.

This aristocrat also raped one of the peasant women.

I experienced another past life where I was a man ( i have had past lives both female and male) when I did an exchange of service for someone. A young man balanced my chakras in exchange for a “reading”

When we got to my solar plexus chakra I told him that the problem was a past life. He told me to go there!

This was the most lucid past life I had ever experienced.

I was black; very tall and performing human sacrifices in Egypt. People that I told the story to have told me that they didn’t have human sacrifices in Egypt and my reply was/is “Yes they did: I was there!”

The sword that I used look something like a Turkish sword but not quite the same.

I asked who the person that I was murdering/sacrificing was; in my present incarnation; .And was “told” my Mother. ( I don’t see this as a reason for enduring almost 64 years of her physical, emotional and mental abuse this time round :P)

I killed myself with the sword in this Egyptian life because I hated what I did.

The following is a meditation which includes a technique used to facilitate astral projection by rocking the consciousness out of the body. It seems to help people experience a past life. If it doesn’t work for you Google one.

If you haven’t anyone to assist you; which is preferable; record it onto a disc and then you can talk yourself through it.

In one of my Wiccan groups, four neophytes decided to go to a future life. This is possible but I do not see the point as you cannot check up on the information

Past Life Regression Meditation

Relax the physical body:

Deep rhythmic breathing

Visualise the colours of the rainbow: breathing deeply and slowly and relaxed:

Red:  orange: yellow: green: blue: indigo: violet If you cannot visualize the colour visualize an object of that colour; if you still cannot visualize pretend you have it will happen eventually. visualize each colour and hold for a short while.

You find yourself in

what appears to be a tropical rain forest.

Listen to the birds. Enjoy the fragrances. Feel the earth and vegetation beneath your feet. Find yourself somewhere comfortable to lie down.

Imagine that you are growing out of the soles of your feet – 2 ½ cm or 1”

Feel it: imagine it: sense it happening.

Return to normal.

Imagine that you are growing out of the top of your head – 2 ½ cm or 1”

Feel it : imagine it: sense it happening

Return to normal

Imagine that you are growing out of the soles of your feet – 5cm or 2”

Feel it: imagine it : sense it happening

Return to normal

Imagine that you are growing out of the top of your head – 5cm or 2”

Feel it imagine it sense it happening

Return to normal

Imagine that you are growing out of the soles of your feet – 1ft or 30cm

Feel it: imagine it: sense it happening.

Return to normal

Imagine that you are growing out of the top of your head 1ft or 30 cm

Feel it: imagine it sense it happening

Return to normal

Imagine that you are growing out of the soles of your feet 2ft or 60cm

Feel it: imagine it: sense it happening.

Return to normal

Imagine that you are growing out of the top of your head 2ft or 60cm

Stay there.

As the rocking motion continues you leave your physical body.

In the distance you see a white pyramid shape building. You walk/or float if you wish; toward this building. You enter at the front doorway.

In front of you are a row of five elevators. Choose one and enter.

You notice that there are 12 buttons. 9 going down and 3 going up. Up is to the future.

Choose a floor.

You arrive at your chosen destination. The doors are opening but there is a fog: You cannot see much in front of you. As the fog clears you look own at your feet. What are you wearing. Are you a man or woman? Young or old?

Short/tall; fat/thin>

Notice and see clearly

Look around you now. Become aware of the space you are in. Are you outdoors; inside; alone or with others?

Be fully aware of who you are and where you are. Pause 2 minutes

Go back to age 5 in this life. See your parents. Do you know them in this present life time?

How do you feel at age five? Pause 2 mins

Now move to an important experience for you in this (past) life. Pause 2 minutes

What is your name.

Ask if any of the people in this past life are with you are with you in your present incarnation.

And now aware that you are fully protected, move to the time of your death. See it clearly but from outside the body. Do not feel it. Pause 2 minutes

And now leave this past life body – You are back in your higher consciousness now. Return to the pyramid and the elevator. Return to the ground floor. Walk or float back into the tropical garden.

Re enter your physical being

Return back through the colours of the rainbow. Violet indigo blue green yellow orange red

You feel well, calm and centred and remember everything.

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