Double Standards

As always with the invasion of holiday makers to our town the road kill increases. And as always it upsets me that creatures are run over until they are completely flattened to the road.



I initially intended writing about creating our own reality but started thinking of the fact that humans have destroyed the planet and have double standards.( Manifesting will now  be my next blog.)

Sadly I belong to the most dangerous species on the planet!

If I could change reality, I would change this world.

To begin with the human population would be vastly less than it is. All the damage we humans have done to this planet and the ecology would be healed and all the species we have made extinct would be restored.

I realized long ago I must work in the microcosm before I can influence the macrocosm.                           I have done; and still am, doing what I can to change things that I believe to be wrong. I have seen some changes for the better. But nowhere near enough.

In the 1970’s I was in Animal Liberation; Greenpeace; Women’s…

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