Double Standards


I had an allergic reaction to a blood transfusion after surgery recently and my haemoglobin  was 90. So I allowed myself to eat meat. Although I am now back to my vegetarian diet I still occasionally crave meat. I wont give in though because when I did eat meat my nightmares of being an animal in a slaughterhouse came back. In past years I have been a steer in these dreams; but recently I am a piglet straight from a factory farm. Pigs have the intelligence of a three year old child!  I decided to repost this “Double Standards” blog:—-

Sadly I belong to the most dangerous species on the planet!

If I could change reality, I would change this world.

To begin with the human population would be vastly less than it is. All the damage we humans have done to this planet and the ecology would be healed and all the species we have made extinct would be restored.

I realized long ago I must work in the microcosm before I can influence the macrocosm.                           I have done; and still am, doing what I can to change things that I believe to be wrong. I have seen some changes for the better. But nowhere near enough.

In the 1970’s I was in Animal Liberation; Greenpeace; Women’s Liberation. Greenpeace informed us way back then that we had destroyed this planet beyond repair.                                                               In later years I joined “Trees for Life”.  All these organizations were started by people who really care but humans apparently mess everything up and the organizations end up money-making bureaucracies; with mindless automatons just giving lip service to the original principles, thinking it trendy.

I have many trees around my home and people lecture me saying that they drop too many leaves or are a fire hazard. Trees are essential for the soil and the air and provide homes for birds and animals.

I get told not to feed the magpies because I am stopping them from finding their own food. Well they eat mice but humans poison mice: The magpies eat worms but humans concrete their properties and bituminize the roads. So magpies have to kill other birds to eat; hence I feed then to prevent this.                                                                                                                                                              A few nights ago a moth kept throwing itself against my kitchen window even though the curtains were closed. I turned off the light but the moth didn’t survive. It reminded me of when I was in primary school and we were learning about Albert Schweitzer. Our teacher told us that he used to be upset because the moths hurt themselves being attracted to lights. She found this strange.  I feel the same. I must be strange!

When I was very young and found out where meat came from I refused to eat it. For this I received a bashing and my mother told me that I would end up in a mental institution for being strange. (Here’s that word again-“strange”?!). The same meal was put in front of me for breakfast, lunch and tea until I ate it.

Carnivores tell me that the meat industry is nature. DER! There is no adrenalin rush from the hunt: No respect for the animal giving up its life: just queues of animals watching others being slaughtered            I get emotional thinking of the scape goat. What an existence!                                                            Factory farming is horrific.  I just won’t start on that one!

Another thing that annoys me is “pest control”. Humans eradicate things they consider have reached plague proportion or are not indigenous. Humans are way beyond plague proportions and I don’t believe we are even indigenous to this planet. I think we were genetically engineered and put here. Even if this isn’t the case White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs) are certainly not indigenous to Australia or the United States of America!                                                                                                                    Locally they cull the Correllas (parrots) because they are annoying. Humans have removed  almost all the trees these Correllas are able to feed from.

Insects are so important to the environment but humans just kill them because they can!                         I was given this quote but do not know the author. “If all the insects left the planet, the planet would die. If all the humans left the planet, the planet would thrive!”

If we deliberately ran over another person we would be up for murder but people are allowed to run over birds, animals and reptiles because they are on the road.  I just don’t get the arrogance of people thinking they are the only species that matters.

Humans are prosecuted for destroying property but destroying the environment is considered progress. Locally the real estate companies have destroyed heritage bushland by bulldozing  or burning. They then sub divide and build houses so more of the most dangerous creatures on the planet can live here.

Movies like Avatar or The Day the Earth Stood Still were only preaching to the converted.

If anyone one has even read this far maybe you would join me in an affirmation that I do daily.           Just from a psychological and sociological point of view the more people that believe in something, the better chance it has of happening.

 Affirmation: “Humans show love and respect to all life forms, especially their pets, Mother Earth and one another: There is zero human population growth. So Mote it Be”

I actually include “All humans are vegetarians and factory farming and the meat industry  abolished” but don’t expect others to join in on this.

Blessed Be

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