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“My Guide” was trying to explain to me (yesterday) that in the future we will be using the technology of holograms for space travel (ships) and also for housing. The analogy he gave was of the TARDIS.     Dr Who fans will know what I mean. Bigger on the inside than the outside. I had hoped to put a photo of the “TARDIS” with this blog but understandably wasn’t allowed (copyrights)
I am going to Google holograms before I write anymore –
Above is a site I was reading: Didn’t help me much: Sadly I don’t understand the theory.
In the Wednesday psychic group the gentleman I mentioned in a previous blog that was experienced with trance/channelling was attempting to go into trance. I was initially annoyed as we were supposedly putting names in for healing. Also a friend of his had told me that this gentleman likes…

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