“My Guide” was trying to explain to me (yesterday) that in the future we will be using the technology of holograms for space travel (ships) and also for housing. The analogy he gave was of the TARDIS.     Dr Who fans will know what I mean. Bigger on the inside than the outside. I had hoped to put a photo of the “TARDIS” with this blog but understandably wasn’t allowed (copyrights)
I am going to Google holograms before I write anymore –
Above is a site I was reading: Didn’t help me much: Sadly I don’t understand the theory.
In the Wednesday psychic group the gentleman I mentioned in a previous blog that was experienced with trance/channelling was attempting to go into trance. I was initially annoyed as we were supposedly putting names in for healing. Also a friend of his had told me that this gentleman likes to be the centre of attention: So I thought he was faking!
I asked him to leave it until another time and he ignored me. Then all of a sudden he had completely disappeared. Something I haven’t seen in a long time. When I did readings in a local shop  Probably a decade ago one of my clients told me that I faded out.
An exercise that used to do in my psychic groups (last century) was to have people sit in front of a mirror; in a darkened room with a candle behind them. Ones face disappears; so there is nothing; and then different faces appear.
I stopped doing this in 1995 when one lady ran out screaming. She came back and said her face had changed to something horrible.
I do not know if the different faces are us in other incarnations or just entities that wish to appear.
Back to the Wednesday group: On the face of the gentleman who had initially disappeared; we saw different faces. I asked a young lady to sit opposite this man and tell me what she saw. To ensure it wasn’t just my imagination
She saw an aboriginal lady whom I did not see but she also saw a lady whom I did see and at first thought was the gentleman’s deceased wife: Excepting the hair was the wrong colour. The lady I saw had silver hair and Audrey’s hair was a darker grey (I hope Audrey doesn’t mind my using her name) Audrey’s husband suggested it may be his sister in law as she had silver hair. I and the young lady saw several people appear in quick flashes. Just like with clairvoyance when the pictures flash in a fraction of a second. I thought that I saw my Dad but because faces are difficult to describe I cannot be sure that it was really him; although the young lady did see a man with glasses.
As yet I still don’t know if the meaning of life is “42” (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy) or an” after dinner mint (Monty Python)
To be continued

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