Hodge podge

I am painfully aware that I really do not know what I am doing when it comes to blogging! But I enjoy writing.

I have started a couple of novels but never finished either. Mostly because I lack confidence and believe I have a lousy writing style!

The first novel that I started was in 1991 but is was so like “Stargate” the series it would seem as if I was plagiarizing: Excepting I started the novel before “Stargate” hit the screen in 2007. I also used “The Cone of Power” (Wiccan) in lieu of a Stargate. My villain was even called “Apophis!”

The next novel that I started was about ET’s that came to cull the humans that they (the ET”s) had originally genetically engineered and left here. This culling was necessary to save planet Earth and they were using specifically programmed nannites. This was before the remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.

For well over a decade I have used the analogy of us living in a virtual reality – a huge “holodeck”. My latest slant on this, is that we are part of some “kids” computer game and the aim of the game is to create as many disasters as possible. (This is just a joke theory!) It may make an amusing novel but I don’t see myself writing it.

I have considered writing a book about my clairvoyance experiences but I would be breaking client confidentially.

With my clairvoyant experiences I can only tell my personal experiences not excerpts from people’s readings.

I am not out to convert anyone. It doesn’t bother me at all that people don’t believe I see and communicate with people who have “died”!

I was extremely skeptically when I first started to develop my clairvoyant abilities in the late 70’s! Even though I was “seeing” I thought it was just my vivid imagination and that the people I was describing the deceased to, were just making things fit because they didn’t want to believe death was the end!

I have since come to believe everyone has this (clairvoyant) ability but because our culture doesn’t accept such things the ability atrophies.

I have had so many amazing experiences over the years I certainly know that it isn’t my imagination, nor am I “reading the other person’s mind”. On several occasions I have told someone something the “discarnate being” is telling me only to be told that the information wasn’t true. Later I would be contacted and told that they had found out that it was true!

Both visual and auditory (clairvoyance and clairaudience) communication flashes in a fraction of a second; so words are almost impossible to decipher. The communication is usually by images and concepts.

I caught up with a couple that run our local markets recently. Both of whom are clairvoyant. I told them that my Mother had died and they asked if I had “seen” her since.

I told them about the day she died. Mum had been expected to die several times from the beginning of June 2012.

The first time the doctor had sent her to hospital; they sent her back to me at one o’clock in the morning. She couldn’t be in her unit alone and there were no hospital nor nursing home beds available!

Mum stayed with me for a week. She could not get out of bed. She actually had the “death rattle” breathing; and was cyanose.

Eventually she went to hospital and then respite in a nursing home until I finally got her a permanent placing in a local nursing home.

While mum was in respite I had spent all day sitting with her (on several occasions); because she couldn’t swallow and the doctor was sure she wouldn’t make it through the day!

When mum got permanent placement she seemed to perk up. The week that she died in September she had been to the pub on the Tuesday for lunch and pokies. Even had a “Black and Tan”!

On the Thursday that she died I wasn’t even going to visit because I had planned to spend the all day Friday with her. When I did call in the staff said that she had a chest infection.

Mum was sitting up in bed looking reasonably well.

I noticed that she had a’ huge black hole in her aura’ and told Mum. She said “That’s not good!” my reply was that it was probably just the chest infection. I actually thought this at the time!

Later that day the nurse phoned to say that the doctor had prescribed antibiotics. At 8-30pm (2030 hours) I received a call from the registered nurse to say that Mum had died. I asked if I could go in.

  I sat with her for about an hour and an half – even though she wasn’t really there.

I phoned family on my mobile and then went home to contact people whom I knew would rather be told even though it was late.

I also called the UK which wasn’t a problem because it was lunch time there.

One of Mum’s ex carers asked me if I would be able to sleep. I told her that I wouldn’t but I was used to not sleeping.

Lying awake in bed that night I ” saw” Dad and Mum “walking toward me”.  Dad “said”- “We’ll help you!’ada_at_northfield Copy of Ada & Matthew 1980

The photos are of Dad and Mum when they were in their 60’s and the push bike is of Mum in her thirties at Northfield South Australia.

Seeing as this  blog “is all over the place”  my conclusion is – To those of you who read this  – have a great day!

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