me dad mum harleyMy Mother died on the 6th September 2012.
I had only recently found her permanent placement in a local nursing home.
The staff at this particular nursing home were so good to her.

Mum loved to watch “Charmed” which was on at midday. They allowed her to have her lunch in her room so that she could watch her favourite programme.
On the Thursday she died I had not even intended to visit but for some reason I decided that I had better go in and see her.I was going to spend the whole of Friday with her and stay for lunch. This particular nursing home required a weeks’ notice for family or friends to stay for lunch.
She was in bed when I arrived and I had been told by the staff that she had a chest infection.
I noticed that she had a large black hole in her aura. Behind this hole was an angel. Of which I could only see the edges. I see angels as white light with a vaguely humanoid shape and wings. When I told mum that she had a huge hole in her aura she said “That’s not good!” I told her that I thought it may just be her chest infection.
Later that day the registered nurse phoned to say that the doctor had prescribed antibiotics.
At 8-30 that night I received a phone call saying that Mum had passed away.
I went into the nursing home for approximately an hour and an half. I contacted my children on my mobile phone from the nursing home I then returned home to make more phone calls. The UK was not a problem to call as it was the middle of the day over there. I also contacted local friends of Mum’s whom I knew would prefer to be told immediately.
One lady an ex carer of mum’s asked me if I would be able to sleep. I told her that I was used to not sleeping.
That night while lying awake in bed I saw Mum & Dad walking toward me holding hands.
Dad said “We’ll help you” Mum didn’t “say” anything.
I have since had more contact with Mum showing herself; young; with long hair; walking with a young boy approximately four years old whom I presumed was my cousin Ken. I haven’t called Ken who lives in England to ask him about this because I am not sure what mum was trying to convey. I remember what she was wearing  in this “vision” and the clasp at the back of her hair. She also told me numerous times throughout her life that she disliked long hair. That it gave her an headache.
Dad died 27th May 2004.
On the first Father’s Day after Dad’s death I took my Mother and a friend of hers;  Mavis (now also deceased); to the local cemetery to visit their husband’s graves. Afterward I brought them back to my home for scones and tea. Mum made remarks that Dad was with us. And I could see him also. When I “see” it flashes for a fraction of a second. Then the images has gone same with words and concepts. They are just a quick flash .
After driving my Mother and Mavis back to their respective homes and returning to mine. I concentrated on my Father.
It was quite possible that I had imagined seeing Dad. Wishful thinking?!  So I asked that he prove that it was/is him by showing me something that I didn’t know.
He showed me an umbrella stand that I knew he had made. It had several umbrellas on it; one with a bird’s head handle.
I telephoned my Mother and asked if they ever had an umbrella with a bird’s head handle. She said that they had “But what is he going on about this for?!” I also asked if Dad had made the umbrella stand and she said that he had: Repeating “What is he going on about this for?! We left all that in England!!

The attached photo has little to do with this story excepting that it shows my Dad on the Harley and Mum and me in the side car — It was taken in Northfield South Australia in 1952

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